Lvovchinu’s main plot: it was very strange, it was “dangerous” (video of the aftermath of the attacks)

Today, the road to Ukraine began with the Livovs. The first traffic in the area was posted at 03:27. There were no traffickers in Liv.

Глава Львовской областной военной (государственной) администрации Максим Козицкий сообщил, что около 04:30 военными РФ был нанесен ракетный удар по одному из объектов военной инфраструктуры.

In local television channels, residents of the area scored 7-8 hours at a time of 4:30 a.m. The voices of thunder were loud and clear to the people. At that time, the Livovsky City Council of Lvovsky wrote that Igor Linkevich wrote that in the area there were 6 shots.

Currently we have official meetings from the OVA about the services of the VO. I think in the future in the sky, the proportion of the complexity of the rockets has come to pass.

In the community, I watched a video with the sound of a racket on the Livovich and followed by the sound of the trumpets. Even the eyewitness saw the video of the aftermath.

I would like to say that this night I will travel through all the territories of Ukraine.

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