Messengers Telegram presented a subscription plan for 449 rubles per month

Telegram managed to update and deliver a flat copy. About all the changes posted in the company’s blog.

Telegram Premium will be available to Russian users 449 rubles a month. Among the new functions of the platform backup will be:

Loads of files up to 4 GB per application;

reading the media at maximum speed without grinding;

ability to subscribe to three channels;

conversion to account numbers;

increase to 200 points in each of the 20 parentheses;

use of 400 GIF animations and 10 selected graphics;

wide “about” section and more tags in the photo/video;

raising the voice of words;

отсутствие рекламы и т.д.

Also, many new free functions are available for all users.

«Вас ждут заявки на вступление в публичные группы, анимированный экран загрузки файлов из сторонних приложений, более информативные описания ботов и многое другое», — поделились разработчики.

However, Telegram operator Pavel Hurov confirmed that people without a tablet support all the right to use the.

On the other hand, looking at unsuspecting experiments with advertising in channels, Telegram received “financiers.”

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