Microfinance – disconnect from the network or not – what you know

Around the end of his life, he will come to you for the sake of true love.

Вопрос о том, стоит ли вытаскивать вилку электроприборов из розетки, терзает умы домохозяек уже многие годы и всегда находятся аргументы “за” и “против”, но четкий ответ не всегда удается найти быстро. And it is usually customary to find out where it is found to be a non -perishable kitchen tool, by the hand of the machine.

“Telephraph” is used to pick up on this unexpected question.

Energy economics?

Power switches are always configured with the same solution, which allows the control panel to be fully charged.

Это подтвердил изданию “Знай” электрик Григорий Афанасьев, который отметил, что они действительно потребляют электричество, но даже если их выключать, то сэкономить не получится.

“Выключенные, но включенные в розетку устройства потребляют незначительное количество энергии. Особенно это касается техники, которая имеет встроенные часы, например, микроволновка. Если говорить о расходе электричества, то это где-то 5 Вт”, — сказал он.

So if they are removed and disconnected from the network, the equity will be a maximum of 50 grams per year, he says.


There is a certainty that the technology will come out of the structure. Of course, I do not think about the various charges, but about the series of cases, which can be used as a guide, the appendix.

It is also recommended to remove unnecessary tools from the network in the meantime. This means that in the process, there will be no doubt that the house will not be saved, because you will not be there.

The height of this range depends on the use of low -tech equipment with a small amount of storage on the counter.

What to choose, and what not?

Ideally, if you do not need to remove from the roses after use, then this will be recorded in the index.

The most common types of such technologies are:

  • утюг;
  • organizer;
  • fan;
  • smartphone;
  • electricity;
  • vacuum cleaner.

In the devices, which are intended for permanent use, there is always a prescriber on the remote access.

In this case, you can use a condenser, router or condenser. I also have trouble not being connected to televisions and computers.

And here’s how to install these devices from scratch can be used for cutting and polishing.

So what is it with microvolnovkoy?

And here are all the instructions from the manufacturer and the models, then the instruction, as if you did not want to share it, and take it. If the manufacturer says that it is necessary to remove from the roses, then it is said that it is possible to get rid of it.

Of course there are situations when all of them are ready to say:

  • except for old microphone (more than 15 years);
  • if in the house old delivery;
  • if there is an extension, which it is working on with disruptions (scratches or you will be able to clean the grill), but in a small amount of time.

Of course, the “Telecropper” writes about it, which means that the construction machine does not “scan” in the time of construction.

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