Minor records were announced for the purpose of uniting 50 generals and officers ALL – network reaction

In the open network is connected to the Russian propagandist

В воскресенье, 19 июня, на 116-й день полномасштабного вторжения рф в Украину в минобороны рф отчитались, что “уничтожили 50 генералов и офицеров ВСУ”, а в сети лишь посмеялись с очередной “сказки” кремля.

About this, it supports the Crimean issue of RBK.

По информации источника, российская армия нанесла удар высокоточными ракетами “Калибр” по пункту управления украинских войск, в результате чего якобы “уничтожены 50 генералов и офицеров ВСУ”.

“Российские военные нанесли удар высокоточными ракетами “Калибр” по пункту управления украинских войск в Днепропетровской области, уничтожены более 50 генералов и офицеров ВСУ, сообщило Минобороны России”, — гласит сообщение РБК в Facebook.

One of the users found that the page, on the other hand, was “closed,” opened the screen.

We add that the purchase can be deservedly distributed in the Ynepropetrovsk region. The Russians ruled over the nephthebase in Novomoskovskom region, as a result of which two men were killed. On the 18th of this month, the scavengers searched for a bill of lading on Crivum Rogo, where they popped up on social media. Also purchased by the Apostolic Church (the Great Barrier Reef), where a line of lines was displayed.

It is worth noting that in the beginning it was very clear that the Roses on the river in Ukraine had killed another general.

It is well known that in the Eurasian region at the end of the april, TWO generals of the army were credited.

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