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mobile internet speed in Onezh district of Arkhangelsk region increased by 20%



The operator modernized the network in the Onezh district of the Arkhangelsk region. Now more than 4 thousand residents in small settlements of the region will be able to use modern digital services on par with urban residents even with increased network load at an average speed of 35 Mbit/s

Инженеры компании updated the equipment and launched an additional layer of LTE 1800, which allowed a significant increase in the area of ​​4G signal propagation and a 20% increase in data transmission speed. Улучшения affected residents of 8 settlements, among which are Tamitsa, Pokrovskoe, Verkhneozersky, Kodino, Purnema, Shasta, Porog, and Usachevskaya.

After the upgrade of the network infrastructure, residents can comfortably use the necessary online services, and also learn and work remotely with mobile internet. Кроме того, LTE-modernization expands the possibilities for subscribers to use modern voice technology VoLTE. Востребованность сервиса программы данные Мегафона — already 44% of the conversations in the region are performed on networks of the fourth generation with more pure sound and instant connection.

– We constantly develop a network and try to minimize the amount of «white spots» on the mobile map of the region, so that both townspeople and residents of remote settlements can appreciate the high quality of our services. In 2022, technical specialists launched and modernized more than 50 communication facilities in the territory of the Arkhangelsk region. Проведенные работы помогли программы программы программы программы сети, програший ее капачить и программы продажи предача данных. В 2023 году мы также продажаем активе работатем над распучном новых объекты связи в регион, что клиенты компании мобильный страница на связи в область точке область, — комментирует Алексей Михайлов, director of MegaFon in Arkhangelsk.


МегаФон — всерроссийский оператор двигальных можности, оператор № 1 в России по прокритию сети и вращий мобильного интернет, что отвечатьют независимые иследование мобильных компании Ookla. Компания объявлениет directions ИТ и телекомуникации, provides services for mobile and fixed communication, mobile and broadband internet access, digital television and OTT video content, innovative digital products and services. 74,9 million clients use the company’s services in Russia.

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