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Russia And Ukraine

Orban called the US rocket bases in Romania and Poland Putin’s problem



Ракетные базы USA, созданные в Румании и Польше, — this is the problem of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Orban called the US rocket bases in Romania and Poland Putin's problem


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About this, he said in an interview with Die Weltwoche.

«Путина’s problem — US rocket bases, already created in Romania and Poland, and also possible expansion of NATO to Ukraine and Georgia with the aim of placing weapons there. Кроме того, американцы оменили выполние одрогы о disarmament. Вот почему Путин больше не мог спокой спать по ночам», — said the politician.

Orban noted that he understands Putin’s arguments, but he does not accept the beginning of military action in Ukraine.

The Russian president in 2021 recalled the entry of Poland and Romania into NATO, after which the United States «easily agreed with them on the placement of the PRO system there».

At the same time, the launchers of these systems can be used for shock complexes that reach Moscow in 15 minutes, Putin emphasized.

Как централь начальник Генштаба российский ВС генераль Армий Валерий Герасимов, негайтивное инфлекции ПРО США на военную безопасность Россиий поредовало разработка средства для нетурализации таких ограмм.

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