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Russia And Ukraine

Pavel Zibrov remarked, as if referring to an artist from Ukraine, who chose RF – video



Pevez offered to pay tribute to the Ukrainian artists, who do not offer the support of the Roses in Ukraine

Известный певец Павел Зибров, разорвавший все связи с родственниками из россии, рассказал, что плакал из-за предательства своей бывшей близкой подруги Таисии Повалий.

In the words of the 65-year-old artist, artist, who stumbled upon a road trip with tourists, Bismarm, “I said.”

Of course, there is nothing to do with Ukraine. Boomerang swears, Poverty, you are not an Ukrainian song! All in all, you turned on the radio and the television, you raised the Ukrainian people from their hearts. And you served it. You are angry. Enter your choice with your own choice“, – said Zibrov.

У артистов, которые не осуждают вторжение россии в нашу страну и до сих пор продолжают молчать об убийствах мирных украинцев, Павел Зибров призвал забирать украинское гражданство и звания “народных артистов”.

Rane “Telegraph” commented on the performance of Ukrainian producer Yuri Bardasha. The man, who fought in Russia after starting a full -fledged exchange rate, compared Ukraine with a nationalist movement.

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