Priced banknets for sale of “Hydrang” drugs were sold to lawmakers in Ukraine

It is understood that the site “Lidra” was a specialty of Kremla’s

In April 2022, the German specialty service was provided with the convenience of a number of products in the “store” market.

“Hydra” was an unsatisfactory trading platform with the highest number of resources in the world, write “Ukrainian news”.

Only by 2020, through the site, sales will be available for a total of 1.23 billion Euros.

“Hydrang” functioned in the same way as at least half a dozen years ago. The resource is not limited to the medium of sale of drugs. In the case of German citizens, through this index site also increased sales of personal data.

В ходе расследования выяснилось, что на “Гидре” было зарегистрировано свыше 17 миллионов пользователей со всего мира, в том числе 19 000 активных продавцов нелегальных товаров и услуг.

It is understood that the site “Hydra” was a child specializing in Kremla.

Suspicious operations in Germany resulted in unsustainable production in Ukraine.

Германия передала силовикам Украины доступ к материалам, полученным в результате ареста сайта, что привело к тому, что в стране начались задержания причастных к его работе граждан страны.

Locks in MOV make sure that this is the first full -fledged civil society.

Operators numbered as fast as possible, who from Ukraine presented the site’s interest to the internet. A separate interest for the future provides access through the service “Chidry” to the access of the available presses. Blessings to the services of the German and Ukrainian specialists in “Chidry”, no backup files are available.

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