Prices for petrol, gas and diesel in Ukraine June 23 – as much as possible

Some of the best prices on the market are all set

Do not try to get the Ukrainian drivers to get the most out of the average price of the gas station branded A-92, about 23 degrees. At this point, the average price on the page “porros” ranges from 89 computers – up to 50.56 rubles per liter.

On this account we provide data “Minfin”, which with the help of the Consolidated group of A-95 magnets. With this fixed view of the gas station, as well as gas and gas stools passed in the price, which is not so much a waste of time.

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Gasoline A-95! Offers unchanged at a price throughout the day. For him everything else in the middle stands at 52.32 hryvni/liter. At that time, the gas “brushed” was 14 copies – up to 41.79 hryvni/liter. Ordered and divided – in 11 copies. Then the waitress will be able to adjust this water pump for 56.45 hryvnias. The price of the A-95 branded gas station on the 23rd of June was 50.69 hryn/liter.

Petrol prices in Ukraine June 23

Petrol Prices in Ukraine June 23

Interestingly, the site “Auto-RIA”, which also collects data from all ASC countries, is personally identifiable. Even the A-92 petrol, according to port information, was sold at a price of 63 copies and price 49.66. In fact, it can be linked to the stock in the provision of active prices in different regional countries.

More details can be found in the following information, where the data is provided by the ACC contract:

Petrol prices in Ukraine June 23

Actual petrol prices in Ukraine June 23

It is worth noting that many spare parts break the economy and try to make a spare. “Telagrap” explained, as the availability in the web can use the use of “old” taps and shortness of breath.

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