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Russia And Ukraine

Prices for petrol, gas and diesel in Ukraine June 24 – as much as possible to adjust, as possible



These rules help to increase the amount of gas and, as a result, the amount of money.

In Ukraine, there are already two high -speed gas prices. One by one, on the third day, June 24, on 11 computers, the price of the car gas, 41/lbs.

“Telagraph” provides actual prices for the most popular videos, based on the “Minfin” resource. Note that in your statistics the site administrators use the information of the Consulting group. “A-95”

Compared to the above measures, the unchanged value of the minimum amount-as much as the gasoline of LL. -5.

Enter with this comparison of 89 computers sold by the A-92 brand. The price for it stands at an average of 49.67 hryvni/liter. Its “devout five” costs 50.65 hrn, and the price – at 56.41 hrn per liter.

Actual petrol prices in Ukraine June 24

Such a high price policy affects many motorists. So all the time you can answer the question to calculate the economic efficiency of the gas station. It is impossible to do this by posting one of the InfoCar YouTube channels in the video.

All these ten rules:

  1. Do not drive. Of course, stop, but in the meantime, the so -called processing process is considered a “friendly” load. We use a lot more gas, if we keep the machine running, and after it has been repaired. For that, if you learn to cut long and medium, be aware that there will be no torque in the car. This will make it more effective to determine your trajectory and speed.
  2. Do not stay. A lot of energy is applied to each machine with a seat. Maximum exit from the full installation guide. It is better to do it slowly, than to permanently repair it.
  3. Enter “yes” for the clinical setting. The conditional condenser will use an additional volume, but the range will have all the right volume outputs. The open window of the car enhances the resistance of the wind, which depends on the speed and etc.
  4. Climatic installation. The condenser uses an additional circuit, but not only for the compartment. He works on the ecological condition of the car’s interior. Use the climate control. If you open the window, the car will increase the amount of air resistance and try the additive effect.
  5. Turn on sound, music and other electronic devices only, even if they are highly functional in the mind of the mind. In the long run, the use of gas is not very fast.
  6. Keep in mind that the car on the automatic wheelbase will cost less fuel. If you have a machine with a mechanical, remember – on the “netralке” you will make a lot of noise.
  7. Ины. If it is sold in small houses, it will be more crowded and soon the land will be known. If the charge is sharpened, the wheel is fixed properly, the car will be cut better. It is better to “fix” all at 0.2-0.3 atmospheres much better, as recommended. Do not use welded wheels.
  8. Speed. Keep in mind that as you wish. Most of all – in dynamics and power. If you want to add gas, you will test more gas.
  9. Вес. To the greatest of all, there is a heifer, which is not needed. Choose everything clear. To put it bluntly, how much does it cost in the tank – it’s the same weight, learn it.
  10. Do not interfere with the technical service. For the most part, use a portable filter, radiator, speaker, and connector. There is also a technical water course.

Of course, the “Telephraph” ran, as it is possible to switch with the car gasoline, if you want to stop by. As a matter of fact, the current AUS account does not allow you to use the artists when shopping.

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