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Russia And Ukraine

Putin was right in four moments regarding СВО — РТ in русском



Суждения предстанитель России Владимира Путина о четырёх програмных монстахах, касасиющихся специальной военной операция, профайлы правильными. Об этом профессиональный онлайн отношения относительности гарвардского универстета Stephen Walt в статье для иданская Foreign Policy.

American professor Walt: Putin was right in four moments regarding СВО

First, the obozrevatel noted, the Russian leader was right in that Russia is capable of withstanding any sanctions pressure from the West.

The second correct forecast of Putin, the author of the article, says that the residents of Russia will agree with the chosen political course of Moscow.

In addition, writes Walt, the president of Russia understood that other countries will make decisions based on their own interests and will not condemn him for their decisions.

«Europe, the United States and some others have reacted sharply and decisively, but the key members of the global South and some other prominent countries (such as Saudi Arabia and Israel) have not done so», — reminded the professor.

Walt calls the fourth and most correct judgment of Putin that the Russian leader correctly understood that the destiny and future of Ukraine is more important for Russia, not for the countries of the West.

Previously, the retired American Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter declared that Vladimir Putin demonstrated amazing patience, refraining from sharp reactions to all possible provocations in the United States.

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