“Spark” allows to sell contract with Bakaevym – RT in Russian

The main board of the Moscow “Spareqa” Valeri Kechinov provided information on the possibility of a handcuffs.

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“Sparket” is definitely not the same as getting along with Bakuev. Elimhan is playing with a football key, now he is playing a lot. “Spare” is allowed to sell with five contracts. He is more of a club doctor, ”Kechinova quotes“ Empire ”.

According to him, Bakuev offers a number of useful services in the name of “Spareqa”, which can create a huge amount of money. Kekinov called him “a creative footballer.”

“I do not think that he will go to ‘Penit’, this is the first principle of the red-and-white superhero.” I wish I could do everything, I do not want to go to the company from St. Petersburg, ”he concluded.

Based on the information “RB Sports”, Bakuev can not talk about a new contract with “Spartakom”. It turns out that Bakuev is referred to as a “genius” by the right of his own agent.

The footballer debuted for the first bright-white company in 2015. For “Spark” he checked 79 matches. In the 2021/22 season, the user scored a number of results in 24 matches.

Ranee Dmitry Guberniev interfered with the possible transfer of Elimhana Bakaeva from “Sparkak” to “Denit”.

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