The acquisition of Evetia and the Philippines in NATO – what success it will bring to Ukraine

General-Lieutenant, First Owner of All Igor Romanenko specially for “Telephore” as soon as possible, such a journey for Ukraine will bring the arrival of Lvetsi and Linnidi in NATO

Finland and Evetia may be available in NATO soon.

According to the French edition of the Times, such plans offer a network of Russia’s open -air portals.

Overview of the rules of Evetia and the Philippines, it is possible to get into NАТО – this is a good signal for the network to be used. And good deeds, helplessly, to the people of Ukraine. Especially with the emperor’s Russian ambassadors, who went to war, and to keep those who – he was the only one who was killed.

Впервые заявления о том, что шведы и финны могут отказаться от внеблокового, нейтрального статуса, прозвучали, кажется, в марте, вскоре после того, как россия открыто вторглась в Украину.

Когда это случилось, Москва оправила руководство Швеции и Финляндии письменные требования письменно же ответить на то, действительно ли эти государства хотят отказаться от нейтралитета. And with traditional groceries in the style of “Russia will not miss it, will have to enter the world, create” and so on.

After that, I quickly unpacked the situation, saws, as it were, answered that they did not seem to have received any information. And in the finances point out not in the precondition of the resolution – and stipulate, that those who form a charge on the view of the view. Не исключено, что рассмотреть ее смогут уже на очередном саммите глав государств и правительств стран-членов Организации Североатлантического договора, который состоится в Мадриде 29-30 июня.

At that time, Finland, for example, would want to receive related documents. And the few steps to take to NATO.

After 24 February, when Russia opened its doors to Ukraine, the situation in the world was completely changed. There is a review of unsustainable construction, lands and places of interest in Europe, in the world. The handwriting of each country is represented by specifics. And the land of the Philistines, which is brimstone, and is cut off from it; I think, like Eve.

Если россия попытается напасть на Финляндию и Швецию, чтобы остановить их курс в НАТО (или под любым иным предлогом), думаю, те получат массированную поддержку со стороны Альянса. However, it will be based on Russian resources from Ukrainian management.

After that, you will remember that many units of RF are currently observing the status of the currency section. And if we are able to obtain certain victories, such deeds do not deprive us of the possibility of procrastination.

About that time, there was an Afghan. It is still a table with American technology, for some time, only and it turns out that they were sniffed, they were broken. It is in their ambitions to extend your power further. And here is another Russian test on the work of OCCB. И если тут всё сойдется близко по времени (заявка Финляндии и Швеции на вступление в НАТО, наступление талибов на Таджикистан, еще какие-то потрясения для рф) – это всё проблемы Кремля, которые на руку Украине.

This makes us, in fact, the ability to use the device. But after that it should be remembered that this status we did not save from the Russian aggression in 2014-m.

So that in such a situation we can find more than one empire, to overcome the civilizations. Понимая, что, согласно международному праву, если договор заключается под давлением, во время военных действий, то отказ от такого соглашения воспринимается мировым сообществом с пониманием.

Resurrection: for now we must stop, go to the preamble of the benefits for Ukrainian customs. And last but not least – to achieve the goal, weight and economic potential, which will take the next step in the margin with calculus, speed.

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