The European Commission unveils a plan to destroy the world without Russian gas

The European Commission unveils a plan to destroy the world without Russian gas

For all US countries, it is possible to reduce the gas consumption by 15%

After that, as Russia established its gas station in Europe, the fortress-mapping state was added to the construction industry. The European Commission has adopted a plan for the passage of the winter season without any Russian restrictions.

Как сообщается на сайте Еврокомиссии, новый законодательный инструмент, призван сократить потребление газа всеми государствами-членами ЕС на 15% к следующей весне. The first round of implementation of the plan is announced on March 31, 2023. Supporting areas will be available to all – housing, housing, housing, lighting, computer. At your own discretion, YK will be able to carry out the diversification of the delivery, which is easy to access in stock purchases.

Also, European countries are expected to update their national plans to the next level by the end of September. “Государства-члены, требующие солидарной поставки газа, должны будут продемонстрировать меры, которые они приняли для снижения спроса внутри страны”, – говорится в сообщении.

The plan, provided by European countries, is also regulated by the use of other gas stations. There are no specific types of housing and critical infrastructure projects. Calculate the amount of time it takes to save money for the winter season. It also helps to save a lot of money. При этом страны ЕС призывают повсюду, где это возможно, переходить на возобновляемые источники энергии или более чистые, менее углеродные или загрязняющие варианты. And some users need to maximally hide the energy for the heating and cooling of life.

Just like the “Telephraph”, I also noticed that the gas will be stored in the cold weather.

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