The Law of Russia – the translation of the word rules the Law of Russia on the streets – photo

A popular translator offers a description of “great” patients

The popular Google Translate service started setting up the translation to “just rosy” after it was sent to Google.

So, if you write in the English block dear russians (“road to Russia”), in response the translator offers to correct the phrase on dead russiansthere are “Russian metrics”.

The editorial “Telephraph” only verified the fact that it was the first and most important publicity of this time.

Interestingly, additional control over other Google languages ​​does not offer anything.

Our readers will be able to check the Google recommendation variant, if you visit this link.

Как сообщалось ранее, в россии сразу же после начала вторжения начали бороться против ресурсов, из которых россияне могли бы получить правдивую информацию о ходе вторжения в Украину. In particular, one of the first to spread the word is the social network Facebook. It may have also blocked the Instagram connection.

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