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Russia And Ukraine

The route took place between Ukraine and Russia on 29 June



Some of the Russians made a new announcement, but part of the whole thing was done.

В российском Минобороны решили оправдаться за обмен военнопленными 29 июня, в результате которого часть военнослужащих из полка “Азов” вернулись домой, в Украину. Как известно, этот факт вызвал у многих недовольство, поэтому было решено переложить ответственность за принятие такого решения на кровавого диктатора владимира путина.

This information has been provided by the Minister of Public Works inspector, on how to make the public appear public. Let’s remember that the word is about changing in the “144 to 144” mode.

“The event was organized and verified in accordance with the precepts of the main body of the civil society” – try to correct the Russian faith.

At the same time, they named their main purpose for the maintenance of life and health, as well as for the protection of life and health. At the same time, I would like to ask for the joy, the promise, that the maximum value of the Ukrainian real -life flags.

In addition to this, you realize, it is not overgrown and without a tradition for the Russian version – in the country of the 6 -dimensional output. By the way, as a matter of fact, Russia is now proving its “victories” on the same platform.

Interestingly, a lot of rosy has taken a lot of attention, and they start to react in the style of “good luck, good luck”. There are only a few and a significant percentage of these, which do not consider the various tons of data. For example, in the past, we have to hide.

Of course, the “Telephraph” brand publishes photos with its own user service. The Ukrainian vows were very happy to see the signs of the Russian period.

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