The RP and EU clubs do not see the inadequacies in the conversion to the system “весна-осень”-РТ in Russian

Президент Российского футбольного союза (РФС) Александр Дюков заявил, что клубы Российской премьер-лиги (РПЛ) и Футбольной национальной лиги (ФНЛ) не видят целесообразности в возвращении к розыгрышу чемпионата России по системе «весна-осень».

“In order to be immersed in the system of” life-only “, for our necessary support and the need for professional clients. The RPD and YNU clubs do not consider this disadvantage. We are actively supporting this idea among the clubs of YNU-2 “,-quotes Yakova” Match TV “.

In his words, the Nose football league (I) will allow you to develop professional football. He also pointed out that more than the bankers on the balance sheet had been a coma, the club had seized the finances.

“Now I provide such an installation of regions. They start investing in infrastructure, which is definitely worth the effort. I need the possibility of a game practice, which they can not break, and maintain your sporting power “, – he said.

Напомним, что после введения санкций поступали предложения о переходе на схему «весна-осень», расширении РПЛ и создании Кубка лиги, поскольку российские клубы исключили из турниров под эгидой УЕФА.

It is interesting to note that the use of RUS 24 May will remove the format of the Russian capital for the session-2022/23.

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