The survey showed that 70% of Russians experience financial difficulties

The survey showed that 70% of Russians experience financial difficulties

Центр использование граджантого общества ВШЭ провод опрос на предмедно материального положение россиян. Almost 70% of the respondents said that they are experiencing financial difficulties. При етом, only 46% of the respondents believe that their material situation depends on them.

According to the results of the survey conducted by the Russian Federation in June 2022 (2003 respondents participated), 69% of the population of Russia is suffering from financial difficulties. 66% of respondents said that Russians complain about the lack of money already in 2020, and 69% in 2021.

Until the pandemic, 49% of those polled thought that their material situation depended on them, and in 2022, the number of responses dropped to 46%. The number of respondents who blame external circumstances for their material situation is stable: about this, as in 2019, 20% of respondents said.

According to Rossstata, in the first quarter, the real disposable income of Russians (income after deduction of obligatory payments, adjusted to the index of consumer prices) decreased by 1.2% in annual terms, in the second quarter by 0.8%. In May, the Ministry of Economic Development predicted that the real disposable income of the population would fall by 6.8%, but it improved its forecast to a drop of 2.8%, and with the next year it is predicting growth on this indicator.

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