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Russia And Ukraine

The Ukrancev Department in Russia-Russia in Maripole took care of three children and took care of them



Three Ukrainian children, who were raised at home in Mariupol and traveled to Russia, are expected to be born.

Russian suppliers do not have the right to raise taxes in the Russian federation, in terms of dimensions, dimensions, dimensions, dimensions.

About one of these products, found in Mauritius, “Telephthah” were connected to the servers, which were stored in the device.

“Отец-одиночка. На фильтрации его отправили обратно (в 2016 на контракте в ВСУ, но не участвовал в АТО), а троих детей (13,9,7 лет) в Подмосковье (пансионат на Рублевке). Вчера дети позвонили и сказали, what they want to have in the first family “, – writes in the comments of the respondent.

He explained that in this case all the men were “filtered”, getting some money from the suppliers.

“He is in history. He wants to be able to – he wants to come (in Russia, to children – here.). But there is no money”, – added the wolf.

He also added that the Russians had come from Ukraine to a large children’s home with doctors in Rosov.

As it turns out, it was revealed to them that they were “unaware” of the emergence of Ukrainian heroes in Russia.

“Telephraph” delivers his interest with Ukrainian waiter, actor Vladissavoy Gavriluk, who helps to drive a car.

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