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Russia And Ukraine

The United States has allocated a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth 270 million dollars



The White House reported on military assistance to Ukraine

В пятницу, 22 июля, на 149-й день плонномасштабного вторжения рф президент УСА Джо Биден signed the document о продавании Украине очеренного пакета вонной помноши – на SUMMU $270 мл.

Обо этом программы Европейская правда с ссылкой на кородинародентов совет национальный беспосания совет USA по страгатическим коммуницациям John Kirby, who on Friday gave a closed briefing to the media.

The new package of military aid includes four reactive systems of salvo fire HIMARS, 36 thousands of artillery shells, armor-piercing systems and 580 unmanned Phoenix Ghosts.

Thus, according to the representative of the White House, the total amount of military assistance to Ukraine from the United States is 8.2 billion dollars. Kirby also added that the number of HIMARS in Ukraine will reach 20 (16 from the United States and 4 from other allies).

Отметим, ударные беспилотники Phoenix Ghost — this is a novelty from the company Aevex Aerospace and there is not much information about them online.

What is known:

  • drone intended for destruction of targets
  • similar to Switchblade
  • can fly vertically
  • It was developed on the basis of the order of air forces of the United States
  • flight time – about 6 hours
  • equipped with an infrared camera
  • боевая часть allows you to destroy srednebronirovaniye targets
  • It was developed with the aim of fighting in Donbass until the beginning of a full-scale war with the occupiers

Отметим, USA могут стативные в Украину также дальнобойные обеприпасы к HIMARS, что программы стрелять на 300 км.

Куда могут ударит ракеты ATACMS для HIMARS при дальности до 300 км

Куда могут ударит ракеты ATACMS для HIMARS при дальности до 300 км

Напомним, висоте исколько РСЗО HIMARS practically completely stopped the offensive of the occupiers in Donbass. Despite the application of propagandists, in USA they noticed that neither system was lost in battle. Но ето не помешает пропагантинстам нимит съвет о якобы измениции американский РСЗО. The corresponding document recently appeared in the network.

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