The whole of Belarussia will be in the flags of Ukraine – Gender All named purity

This is the third signal for Ukraine

After the creation of the new operational committee, the purity of the population in Belarus will increase to 80 thousand.

About this will be discussed at the General Assembly of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the north side, 7 June. There is also coverage of commercial and aviation broadcasts in Belarusian territories.

In the framework of the creation of the second operational organization, the clarity of the 80 -part magnitude is provided.“, – speaks in the meetings of Denshtaba.

Operational on the main read on our TV

It is added that the combination of the following parts will be used to calculate the installation of technical means, which are devices.

It is worth noting that, according to the open data, the purity of the Belarussian army consisted of 45 tens of thousands of eighths.

Belaruss did not open its doors to the frontiers against Ukraine, one with which territories traded foreign nationals.

Также интересно, что глава Беларуси александр лукашенко награждал за войну в Украине своих силовиков, хотя официально они якобы не должны были воевать против украинцев.

Like a friend “Telegraph”the Belarusian newspaper ran a rumor, because Ukraine does not seem to be able to withstand the possible invasion of Belarus.

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