The World Wide Web presents the price of gas on the price of gas

The World Wide Web presents the price of gas on the price of gas

In the case of non -compliance by the delivery of the Russian gas station in Germany, the provision of social services is required. Министр внутренних дел ФРГ Нэнси Фезер (Nancy Faeser) в интервью газете Handelsblatt, опубликованном в воскресенье, 17 июля, предупредила, что радикальные элементы могут организовать протесты: «Конечно, есть опасность, что те, кто уже во время пандемии COVID-19 кричал о своем презрении к демократии, часто действуя бок о бок с правыми экстремистами, попытаются использовать резко растущие цены как новый повод для повышения активности».

According to the words, the population and the media used each critique to test the strength and size of the product. On the other hand, the head of the MOV states, the organization of safety is one of the most important steps for the use of “energy” devices.

At the same time, Gezer insists that the immense political forces do not have the power to control the forces of the enemy. His social policy was called a “provision for the promotion of our property, and the purpose of the service.”

On July 11, Russian gas did not arrive in Germany on the “North Pocket” gas supply in communication with the maintenance of the repair shop. It remains uninhabited, Russia recovers and sends gas after their warnings. In the middle of the day “Gasprom” already securely delivered gas supplies through the battery pump, self -service.

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