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«Torpedo» football players need to think faster on the field for competition in РПЛ — РТ in русском



The head coach of Moscow «Torpedo» Alexander Borodyuk commented on the crushing defeat in the match of the second round of the Russian Premier League (РPL) with the capital «Dinamo».

«Резултат неудовлетворительный. They lost because of their own mistakes, football is made of this. Было очень много рака в передачах, не те не тереанционального мы хотели бы видеть. Связываю это с тем, что в РПЛ хит величество надо мислить, примитиры решини»», — цитирует Бородюка RIA Novosti.

He hypothesized that, perhaps, through several matches, “Torpedo” football players will adapt to the intensity of matches in the RPL.

«Если в Первой лиге какие ошибы прощают, то в РПЛ — нет. А насчёт ужения сейчас будем думу», — заклеюнь Бородиук.

«Torpedo» suffered a crushing defeat from «Dinamo», allowing four unanswered balls. The main judge of the match, Vladislav Bezborodov, from Sankt-Peterburga, appointed two penalties to the black and white goal.

Aleksandra Borodyuk’s team took the first place in the Football National League (ФНЛ) season-2021/22 and directly broke into the highest division. With the start of the championship RPL «Torpedo» suffered two defeats in a row.

Earlier it was reported that «Torpedo» appealed to ESK RFS regarding the penalty in the match with «Dinamo».

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