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Russia And Ukraine

USA and Canada extended sanctions against Russia because of the war in Ukraine



The United States introduced another round of sanctions against Russia, adding to the list a number of families of large Russian businessmen and several companies, among which «Magnitagorskiy metalluricheskii kombinat» (МКК) and fund «Skolkovo».

В перечне физических лиц глава МКК Виктор Рашников, бывший гендиректор «Фосагро» и биллиандер Андрей Гурьев, Андрей Мельниченко из «Еврохима», экс-чедель совета директоров «Трубной металлургической компании» Дмитрий Пумпянский. Former gymnast Alina Kabaeva, who is called close to President Vladimir Putin, was also on the sanctions list.

Canada on Tuesday extended sanctions against members of the military leadership of Russia and defense enterprises in connection with the war in Ukraine.

43 people and 17 legal entities have been entered in the so-called «black list», including the «horrifying events» in the Kyiv suburb of Bucha, according to a message on the website of the Canadian government. «Вопреки программы мирового компания оставерный опиющие движимость российский режим продаже вести бессмысленную войну», – подчёркиваться в просправленном во турсия сообщении. Ужесточение санкций в канадыском гвервельне напиткой противкой успилит предресси «на российский военную машини».

Under the new Canadian sanctions, in particular, scientific-production companies «Almaz» and «Salyut», the joint stock company «Gorizon», the Perm factory «Mashinostroitel». Ottawa «resolutely condemns the killing of peaceful citizens in Ukraine and will use all the funds in its possession, so that all violations of international law will be thoroughly investigated», the authorities note.

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