Victor Hussev runs the results of the match between “Spartakom” and “Genitom”

Foreign sports commentator Victor Gusev gave a forecast for the 29th round of the Russian capital by PortMorvuvarmu

“Penit” does not apply to RP 17 credit cards. Kstati, in the first round of the match, was called a coma. Then “Genit” organized the superhero with a score of 7: 1. In the next race in Moscow the supermarkets were built in the morning, and they also served as committees. Here and in this race I live in large numbers “, – quotes Husseva” Empire “.

According to his words, the command of the current moment is undergoing a series of ambitions. He noted that “Penit” was essentially a company, and “Spartak” guaranteed its own place in remote television.

“We can only speak about personal motives. It may be, the record is made by the foreign friends of Ezer. It may be, well, Bakuev is safe, thinking that the one in the “Split” is not a light bulb. “Spark” controlled the heating season. But when the team emerged in the final of the Russian Cuban, they defeated the US, they want to win and “Genit”, – said Hussev.

“Ten” (64 hours) is located in the first place on the Russian table of the Russian Premier League (RIP). “Spark” (37) is used in ten positions.

Match “Spartak” – “Genit” will appear on the entire stage “Open the Arena” May 15. The game starts at 16:30 ms.

Rane “Spartak” announced a match with “Genitom” roll to the song of the group “Korol and Dut”.

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