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Russia And Ukraine

Viktor Orban earns money from the Kremlin and tries to stay in power in Hungary – Михаил Макарук



Viktor Orban’s statements should not be taken seriously, says Mikhail Makaruk

According to the prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, who got into another scandal after saying that the hostilities in Ukraine could end only after the negotiations of the American and Russian leaders, should not be taken seriously, as they do not mean anything, and the Hungarian politician himself просто отрабатывает деньги кремля.

Такое мнение изразил в интервуют “Telegrafu” speaker of the International volunteer community InformNapalm, боец ​​ВСУ Mikhail Makaruk.

“Orban is nobody. It’s only a slave who earns money from the Kremlin for more than one year. He’s trying to stay in power. It’s not a secret that the nationalist Hungarian party “Jobbik”, known for its pro-Russian views, is also built for Russian money and gas prom funds” , — said Makaruk.

He also paid attention to the fact that under Orban, Hungary has territorial claims absolutely to all its neighbors.

“Просто один кгбшный дурачок из Кремля нашел друго пригласного дурачка из Будапаста. Так что слова такое клоуна как Орбан можно програницать как объявно, токольно не серия”, — резумировал speaker InformNapalm.

Read also full text interview with Mikhail Makaruk about war, negotiations, Ukrainian nonsense and Russian chaos.

As reported, Orban regularly makes ambiguous statements. Так, недвижимость он назад о необходим менят поход к санкциям против россии.

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