Vladimir Putin Balls Rake

Crowd on the wrong way to talk about leaving

Russian president and dictator владимир путинin the event that there have been problems with inconveniences, there may have been a long way to go.

As Mirror offers, about this testimonial is the only way to record a statement of the Russian oligarchy, whose names are unnamed.

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It is clear that the oligarchs from the extreme support of the Russian president were concerned about the benefits of the transcendence.

It will be noted that in later times all the greater promises of a better way will be able to get publicly. When it comes to Crime, it turns out that with the President of the Lord all is well, and the proclamation of his future is called “a dream”.

Напомним, что журналист-расследователь издания Bellingcat Христо Грозев, ссылаясь на личные источники, сообщал, что у путина действительно может быть онкологическое заболевание. In his words, such a diagonal also indicates that oligarchs, with which their trip was one of the most popular in the year 2014.

It also makes sense that the dictator can speak to a series of operations, and then he will be able to do so.

Read in the comments “Telegraph” Neuropatologist Tatyana Maikova explained that the trip could be used to destroy a large number of vehicles, and then it was possible to get rid of it.

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