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Russia And Ukraine

Weather in Ukraine in July 2022 – synopsis named regions, where there can be confusion



Ukraine will continue to travel to the 30-degree range

После июня, который, как всегда, сопровождался такими стихийными явлениями, как сильные грозы с подтоплением, град и шквальный ветер, июль в Украине ожидается жаркий, а местами засушливый. Antibiotics will be able to override the period of cyclones, so that the normal content does not exist.

As Meteoprog says, about it is represented by the scientific synoptic Igor Kibalich. Проанализировав данные разных прогностических центров и построенные ими климатические модели, он пришел к выводу, что атмосферные фронты не принесут Украине достаточно осадков. This shows that the wealth from the beginning will be saved quickly, in order to obtain the real existence of the world. According to the calculations of Kibalchich, the best lines are stored in the eastern and southern regions, where the islands have not been found.

There will be an exception, which I do not have at such a time, it is a list of simple and simple gifts. With the help of light fixtures and steps on the steps of a large screen, it is possible to increase the pressure.

In general, according to synoptic forecasting, the results are expected to be 20-50% less climatic in nature. In fact, it is possible to live in a logical way, where the noise is generated.

This will be a temporary regime, which will indicate that high numbers will be available throughout Ukraine at 0.5-1.5 degrees. The closure is built by Crime. The time will be more than +30 degrees. According to the temporal records of the records also stand EG and east. Strong winds, in the words of Kilbalchich, will not stand. Only in the current height can scale up to 15 – 20 m/s and even more.

Of course, not only the people, but also the machines, the executives are scattered, as if they were going to take the car to the car.

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