What applications run the phone – named five programs

What applications run the phone – named five programs

If the application works in the domain system, this is still a charter

Ваш телефон может разряжаться быстро не только потому, что вы допускаете распространенные ошибки при подзарядке устройства, а и неправильно используете некоторые программы на смартфоне. More than that, the range of applications that are installed can be used in any, known energy battery charger. It is possible to best use these programs on a PC and with a phone – remove.

As “Telegraph” provides, for phone programs, which “support” the charge, Reader’s Digest page. The executives offer a range of 5 applications, such as energy -intensive smartphones.

In the top-5 applications, which are the most widely used, your battery is locked:

  • Snapchat,
  • Google Maps,
  • Netflix,
  • Amazon,
  • Facebook.

The experimenter showed that the release of the Facebook application with Android phones saves up to 20% of the time of the car. If you also opt out of the Messenger application, then the time to download other programs can increase by 15%. In fact, according to Facebook, it “absorbs” the battery charger, which means that it will continue to work in the bank account.

In this case, it is recommended to install more than one simple custom software program on the smartphone. One of them – opt out of the application, so that they do not carry out the work in the currency regime. Do not hesitate to download the programs that you will not be able to use. And it will also support the program in the actual situation. Few people know, but the introduction of new devices will be much better than the benefits for your phone. IPhone and Android manufacturers are pushing for updates, so users have more software, and the phone works. And if your device is running out of battery or other problems, it is an update of the software upgrade program.

The “Telegraph” ran as I read the phone charging voice – a bad sign for the device owner.

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