Why does Switzerland visit Russian technicians to report on specialization in Ukraine – RT in Russian

Экс третья ракетка мира Элина Свитолина заявила, что российские и белорусские теннисисты должны высказаться о своём отношении к ситуации на Украине и выбрать сторону, которую они поддерживают. According to the theme of the ITR’s name, many words about specialization can be used to build a self -service. At the same time, they are willing to pay the bills, which in the current amount of time will supply ATP and WTA with the help of the financial system. Other executives also noted that sportsmen are not required to express their opinion on the data in question.

Tennis is a society that is one of the few, where with a desire to be reconciled to the right of rosy and rust. They will be able to get in the same settings as and later, in a stable and in a neutral state. With these same proportions, the country is stable, not expressing any direct opposition to the political world.

Of course this works because not all of them. Так, украинка Элина Свитолина, которая не выходит на корт на турнирах WTA с начала марта и снялась с «Ролан Гаррос», заявила, что отечественные теннисисты должны выбрать, какую сторону они поддерживают.

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“For us it was very wise that they should speak.” Мы хотим знать, мы хотим разобраться в этом вопросе, потому что, если они не выскажут своё мнение, мы не знаем — может быть, они поддерживают свои власти, поддерживают армию. I think they have a long way to go to find your position. This is very important. И не имеет значения, едут они на мейджор или другой турнир, очень важно, чтобы каждый спортсмен из России и Белоруссии высказал своё мнение и мы знали, что среди нас нет плохих людей», — объяснила 27-я ракетка мира в интервью Eurosport.

Additional warnings on the history of Ukrainian sports have been obtained and further, but also a reaction to the word of the law. Накануне ATP и WTA провели совещание с представителями Уимблдона, обсуждая допуск россиян и белорусов до соревнований, а также санкции в отношении Ассоциации лаун-тенниса Великобритании в случае отказа. On the other hand, the course is provided with a clear rating of glasses and to be translated into a vertical one. In the present situation, many non -verbal words with the help of a number of qualified technicians are the responsibility of the trustee.

Кроме того, по мнению президента Федерации тенниса России Шамиля Тарпищева, комментирование политических событий может спровоцировать отстранение и от других турниров.

“I must not receive remembrance, it is not only my remembrance, but Christ also. Therefore, from his pleasant utterances we may conceive of such things as these. Now we are playing, we are all normal. The group will react. Who is such a Saint? Not so much, ”Tarpiyev replied in the Metaratings website.

The position of the HETR heads up and the direction of the director “Rolan Garros” Ameli Moresmo. По словам двукратной победительницы турниров Большого шлема, в случае высказываний спортсменов из России и Белоруссии в поддержку спецоперации на Украине к ним будут применены санкции.

“It’s very difficult.” Unfortunately, there is no justifiable solution. Мы придерживаемся линии, которую все европейские правительства — и правительства других стран — определили в марте, то есть отстранили сборные России и Белоруссии, но не спортсменов как отдельных лиц, если они выступают в условиях строгого нейтралитета. We will definitely follow this team, ” – translates the words of the Tennis Majors franchise.

In Russia the application of the Holy Spirit was measured as a proclamation. The Ministry of Health R D Dmitry Svivov offers technical assistance through training, not activation.

“It’s amazing to hear that the Ukrainian sport stands out from the crowd.” Let’s talk about ourselves. Good luck, good people in our plans have the right to know your point of view. But does it mean that there is a mandate or a guarantee that all technicians will be interested? Many have already been mentioned. The agency was called upon to transfer Russian sports to international tournaments. The question of security? What is he talking about? Safety does not require games, and tour organizers. Say hello to turmeric safety – this is a good topic. Must apply to the organizers. We also want our tenants to be safe. There is also proclamation – it is proclamation. It should be focused on training, and not on politics and activism, ”says the phrase“ Escape ”.

По мнению олимпийской чемпионки Светланы Журовой, Свитолину могли подтолкнуть к таким высказываниям политики из Украины, поскольку спортсмены далеко не всегда независимы в своих суждениях.

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«Вряд ли теннисисты будут сами такое говорить, так как в их кругах достаточно дружественные отношения друг с другом… Мы периодически спортсменам сочувствуем, потому что они даже сами себе не принадлежат. It does not reveal their thoughts, and that is what they ask. I can only pretend that these are sports signs, I already know, that they should be available for your country. And if they don’t say that, then they might be able to figure out what the problem is. Our sports will be able to hold such positions, and make them unattractive, ”said Uror.

Nikolai Valouv, in his court, told us that Russian tenants did not have enough money.

“Who gave you the right to speak for all?” Let him represent the circle, under whom he calls us. And if it’s the amount of one or two sports, it’s not the amount of strength. Our sports are not intended as an image to describe. If they are yours and long, then your country and your country, ”added the man.

And in the words of commentator Dmitry Gubernieva, it is time to take part, and not to settle for other topics.

“True words, all right, that think sports. I would say more: everything is right, bad or good. It is safe to play – get out. And say I This is the work of politicians or economists. When a group of people like this set their own rules, they are very much in favor of themselves, ”said the journal.

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