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BCCI aims to cut costs by 80 percent, age-detection software ready for use



The BCCI will use a software for age fraud detection along with the existing TW3 method on an experimental basis, with an aim to save up to 80 per cent of the cost. The BCCI, which has a zero tolerance policy towards age fraud, currently uses the TW3 method (based on X-rays of the left hand and wrist) for age determination. The cost of the present method is Rs 2400 per bone test and it takes around 3-4 days whereas the proposed use of BoneXpert software will give instant results and cost only Rs 288.

Explaining the entire process, a BCCI note read: “X-rays are taken in the presence of an independent BCCI observer at the X-ray center at the respective home centers of the state associations and sent to the BCCI AVP department.

“The BCCI AVP department collates them in an appropriate format and sends it to two (2) independent radiologists on the BCCI panel to interpret the bone age. Reporting also takes time as we have about 4 ratings from 38 associations. There are radiologists and each radiologist interprets about 8-9 associations.

“Any time between a day to three to four days may take from consultants to receive reporting of associations depending on the workload on them and the number of players. The entire process will take approximately two (2) months to complete. seem.” The board will work with state associations on the experiment.

“While we are satisfied with the trial data running on a limited number of X-rays in our databank, we still ran a trial with a large number of X-rays (about 3800) across all associations to be completely satisfied with the work. Want software.

“Therefore, we are proposing to use this software on a trial basis along with our traditional method of manual interpretation of X-rays by radiologists,” the note said.

Age fraud is rampant across the country at the age group level. In June 2019, Jammu and Kashmir fast bowler Rasikh Alam was banned for two years after being found guilty of submitting a false birth certificate.

Under-19 World Cup star Manjot Carla, Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi batsman Ankit Bawane are among the cricketers found guilty of concealing their age.

In August 2020, the BCCI introduced a voluntary disclosure scheme for registered players to declare if they have manipulated their date of birth.

All cricketers who commit age fraud, including senior men and women, have been banned for two years by the BCCI.


“Age fraud is a serious matter and injurious to the health of the sport. Many young people who are supposed to play in a particular age group fail to make it because of age fraud.

Rahul Dravid, the then head of the NCA and the current head coach of India, had said after the voluntary announcement, “With the strong action taken by the BCCI to curb this, it is only fair for the players to come forward and follow the instructions issued by the board.” ” Disclosure plan. PTI BS AH AH

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