“He is a wicket taker but he goes for runs”: Dinesh Karthik assesses India pacer

Veteran cricketer Dinesh Karthik assesses India’s fast bowler Pramukh Krishna.© Instagram

With the ODI World Cup due next year, India will be keen to build up the best team for the quadrangular event to be played at home. The Rohit Sharma-led and Rahul Dravid-coached Indian team would be keen to strike a strong pace attack, among other things, for the showpiece tournament. After losing all matches in the recent three-match ODI series in South Africa, the pace attack and batting middle order will be one of the major concerns of the Indian team.

According to veteran Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik, the famous Krishna is a fast bowler who “will definitely get you a few wickets in a row”.

“About Famous, he is a lovely boy, but he has a free spirit for bowling. He has a mind of his own, if I may say, he (Ravichandran) is like Ashwin. He has his own mind, his own ways of thinking. It sometimes gets the best batsmen out, but sometimes gives them runs too,” Karthik told Cricbuzz.


“He’s one of those guys who won’t bowl you 10(over)-40(run) but he will definitely give you 10(over)-70(run)-2/3 wickets. He’s a wicket taker But he goes for runs because he tries too hard for a wicket. He’s an attacking bowler. In many ways, he thinks about himself. That’s why he’s such a good death bowler – because he’s not afraid to get hit . He is someone who is very good at reacting. If someone walks around the crease, gets out, it is not very easy to play him if you do stuff like that,” said Kartik.

“That’s why he’s such a good death bowler whenever he comes in. He’s probably less power with the new ball, he’s a better bowler at death. But what you’ll see from him is the new ball. If he has to move, he’s there too. A brilliant bowler. He is someone who I believe will definitely take you two wickets in a row because of his bounce, the way he tries to get one wicket and his mindset.”

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