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“If There Is An Agenda…”: Former Indian Batsman Venkatesh Prasad’s Criticism Of KL Rahul




KL Rahul’s poor form has become a headache not only for the Indian cricket team but also for some former cricketers. The likes of Venkatesh Prasad and Aakash Chopra have stood at the extreme ends of the debate, with the former asking for the opener to be dropped from the squad while the latter with the team management’s decision to go. Prasad and Chopra had a spat on Twitter on this topic. Aakash Chopra went a step further and posted a detailed video on his YouTube channel mocking Prasad’s criticism.

“He (Prasad) didn’t even write about Shubman’s home numbers. Because you are showing average, he has played 11 innings at home in which he averages 26.3. I am saying don’t judge Shubman Gill by average Should. He’s that great a player. He’s a better player than him. But use the same yardstick for others.

“He has shown 14 overseas innings in which he averages 37, in which he has not easily talked about SENA countries. If we only look at SENA, his numbers are not that good. His away numbers look good. Have been because Bangladesh,” Chopra said in a video.

Prasad highlighted a few names on Twitter while making a statistical comparison of KL Rahul with some other players. The former India pacer had picked players like Shikhar Dhawan, Mayank Agarwal, Shubman Gill and Ajinkya Rahane, some of whom hold records that are better than Rahul’s.

However, Chopra insisted that Prasad had cherry-picked the figures he wanted to highlight while ignoring some other figures that did not paint as pleasant a picture as he wanted.

“They have talked about Shikhar Dhawan’s best overseas average – that he averages 39. He easily missed SENA countries. If we talk about SENA countries, Shikhar Dhawan averages 26. He has a Scored a century but apart from this, he does not have a single century in any country of the army.

“He asked us not to look at Mayank Agarwal’s overseas average, which is actually 25. Mayank Agarwal is very close to my heart. If we leave out Mayank’s form in the last three months, he has scored 100 runs in the last two years. not made.” Not even in first-class cricket,” Chopra said, taking aim at Prasad’s criticism.

He said, “When you see those numbers, you would say that Mayank is probably not in the running for the opening slot at the moment. Nobody is talking about him. There is no point in taking Mayank’s name in this debate. Was.”

Towards the end of the video, Chopra also urged Prasad to keep calm and not drive an ‘agenda’, if any or highlight statistics in line with his views.

“I am not saying that KL Rahul will become like Rohit Sharma, but I humbly request you to keep calm. If there is an agenda, don’t pedal them. Let’s talk about the numbers which actually and not those that conform to your ideas.” she insisted.

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