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“Not Enough”: Usman Khawaja Makes Big Statement In Support Of David Warner




New Delhi:

Australian opener Usman Khawaja believes just three innings is not a great sample size to question David Warner, who is a bit “tired” after being hit on the head by a Mohammed Siraj bouncer on the first day of the second Test. happened”. Warner has scores of 1, 10 and 15 in the series so far, with Mohammed Shami dismissing him twice with full length deliveries. Inevitably, Warner’s technique has come into question, but Khawaja, fresh off his well-made 81, has. Defense of his starting partner.

“I have to disagree with what you are saying. He hit two fours off Ashwin in the last game before he got out lbw, so he was showing some aggression,” said Khawaja, when asked if Warner was 44. While facing the balls seemed laborious, he needs to be active.

“It’s never easy, especially starting out, even if you’re starting out, it’s never easy out there, so I was lucky today. I’ve got a few (boundaries) to keep me going.

“Sometimes you don’t get that and it can be very tough. So yeah, three innings is not enough for me. There is a long way to go in this Test series. I am looking forward to what can happen. Khawaja has full faith in Warner’s ability to make a comeback.

Davy has been a great player for such a long time. Every time he’s got his back against the wall, he produces something so we’ll see.”

Khawaja said that the head injury bothered Warner a bit and hence he did not take the field.

“I think the medical staff will have to make an assessment tomorrow. He is a bit tired at the moment. Apparently he got hit first on his hand and then on his head and the head has made him a bit tired and that’s why he didn’t take the field.

“I think the medical staff will have to figure out what happens from here,” Khwaja told.

One may differ but the opener feels 263 is a good score on this track.

“I don’t know the score of a par until India bats on it. I think 260 is good enough but we will have to wait and see what India gets tomorrow.

They expect Nathan Lyon, Todd Murphy and Matt Kuhnman to make the most of the conditions.

“They are very good in their conditions. I think now that we have three spinners in the team, especially on that wicket, it is going to be challenging, like their spinners were very challenging.”

Khawaja pointed out that the surface felt “up and down” and that some of the cracks in the middle of the 22-yard strip were not stable enough.

“There are cracks running through the surface. The cracks are not constant. They are hitting those cracks. Up front Shami and Siraj are very good bowlers. You expect them to get something with the new ball. And when it reverses If it happens, they are also very good. “played by feel” ========= Khawaja faced a total of seven balls in two innings in Nagpur and hence did nothing different in Delhi.

“I didn’t get a chance to play the first game. I faced only seven balls for the game. So there was no real difference in plans. I just play by feel. I play according to what I feel is going to happen on the wicket. I don’t go there thinking I want to play a certain way.

He said, ‘I just feel how the bowlers are trying to bowl to me and then I read the game from there. So it’s as simple as that. No difference is there. And that’s almost what I did today,” Khawaja explained his mindset.

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