Now what for Novak Djokovic?

Novak Djokovic’s deportation from Australia could be a sign of worse things to come for the Serbian tennis superstar due to his coronavirus vaccine status. The fallout from the 34-year-old’s very public standoff with the Australian government not only raised questions about her bid for a record 21st Grand Slam title – it could affect her in many other ways.

AFP Sport drew three possible results:

court costs

Novak Djokovic has always loved the history of tennis very much and is well aware of his place in it, although he said that last year he found it “hard to understand the magnitude of (my) achievements…. while I ‘ I’m still an active player.”

He made a bit more history at the Australian Open, being the first tennis world number one to be relegated and the consequences of his absence could have been monumentally expensive for him on the court.

His absence may have secured Rafael Nadal what the Serbian wanted to achieve in Australia – an unprecedented 21st Grand Slam singles crown.

If 35-year-old Nadal falls short, Djokovic could lose the other way around – his record two-year reign as world number one could end if Daniil Medvedev or Alexander Zverev win the Australian title for the first time.

Medvedev – who refused Djokovic a Grand Slam sweep after defeating him in the final of the US Open in 2021 – came close to achieving last year.

Djokovic has made no secret that his friend Medvedev is his most likely successor.

However, when he expressed this view after defeating the Russians at the Paris Masters last November, he probably envisioned different circumstances.

Djokovic then said, “I’m sure he’s going to get it eventually, and when he does, it’s totally deserved.”

financial result

Djokovic has earned an estimated $150 million during his illustrious career.

However, according to Forbes magazine – the $30 million he earned from sponsorship deals last year – may not be so sacrosanct as sponsors take stock of the situation and assess their star’s image and potential damage to them.

Djokovic’s Lacoste contract was his most lucrative contract, valued at around $9 million by several American media outlets.

A clothing firm emblazoned with an alligator – the nickname for its founder, French tennis giant René Lacoste – hinted that it may be brushing its teeth in talks with Djokovic.

“As soon as possible, we will be in contact with Novak Djokovic to discuss what is happening in Australia,” Lacoste said in a statement.

Djokovic, however, can win hearts with the experience of a fellow sports superstar and anti-vaxxer Aaron Rogers.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback lost only a minor sponsor last year, taking a dim view of both his anti-vaccination stance and the “wake up crowd” of his critics.

slam doors closed?

Nadal would need Djokovic to win two more Grand Slam titles for Nadal to win the Australian Open so that he is the only holder of a record number of singles titles. The Spaniard has won the Australian crown only once and lost the other four finals played in Melbourne.

With doubts as to whether Roger Federer – the third member of the trio to level 20 titles – could join his race upon returning from his knee surgery, Djokovic looked good to achieve yet another record.

However, the reason for his deportation from Australia could change the color of his future career as Covid is not going away anytime soon nor rules regarding vaccination made by cautious governments.

Wimbledon will be the only tournament he can consider playing after the doors of the French Open closed on Monday.

The French sports ministry said a new vaccine pass approved by parliament on Sunday “applies to everyone, including volunteers and elite players arriving from abroad, until further notice.”

The US Open will appear to be a no-go area for Serbs given the stringent vaccination regulations currently in place in New York.


“Yeah, it’s a purpose to prove that I can break all records,” Djokovic said last November. “I’m very inspired to move on.”

What a damning Australian saga may have shattered that inner drive, but at the moment the Grand Slam record looks more distant than ever.

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