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Pakistan Great’s strong comment on Asia Cup controversy – ICC will not be able to do anything in front of BCCI




The confusion over the host venue of the 2023 Asia Cup does not seem to end. While Pakistan is the designated host, BCCI secretary Jay Shah, who is also the head of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), said last year that India would not travel to the country for the continental event. While the decision on the venue of the Asia Cup has been deferred at the latest ACC meeting, veteran India spinner Ravichandran Ashwin recently gave his take on the subject. Ashwin has said in a video on his YouTube channel that it is not possible for Pakistan to skip the ODI World Cup in India if the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) refuses to travel to their country for the Asia Cup.

“Asia Cup was to be held in Pakistan. But, India has announced that if it happens in Pakistan, we will not participate in it. When we say Asia Cup will not be held in their place, they will say that they will be held in our place. Won’t even come,” Ashwin said. The finger-spinner downplayed Pakistan’s “ODI World Cup threat”, suggesting it is not possible for them to miss that tournament.

“But, I think it is not possible,” Ashwin said of Pakistan’s claim of missing the 50-over World Cup if India does not travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup.

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi was recently asked about Ashwin’s comment on Sama TV, and was asked for his opinion on whether the time has come for Pakistan to react strongly.

Afridi said, “If someone is not able to stand on his feet and take a strong call, it is not an easy decision. He has to look at a lot of things. if showing eyes (If India is showing attitude), or is taking such a tough stand, they have made themselves so strong, that’s why they are able to talk like this, otherwise they would not have the guts. In the end it is to make yourself strong and then take a decision..

“I don’t know, will India tour Pakistan for the Asia Cup? Will we boycott the ODI World Cup in India? But we need to take a stand at some point or the other. The role of the ICC becomes crucial in this matter.” Yes, they should come.” Ahead. I think even ICC will not be able to do anything in front of BCCI.

Afridi said that any decision should be taken only after due deliberation.

He said, ‘I can also be emotional and say that Pakistan should go and play the World Cup but these decisions should be taken after a lot of planning. moment. So, we should not take any decision emotionally,” he said.

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