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Ravichandran Ashwin refutes Ravi Shastri’s suggestion on less teams playing Test cricket



Former Team India head coach Ravi Shastri made a comment saying that 10-12 teams cannot play the longest format of the game, and to ensure that Test cricket remains competitive, only the top five-six teams should be selected. Must play against each other. Now, off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin reacted to the suggestion saying that the current system works fine and explained his thinking behind the thought process.

Ashwin was speaking on his official YouTube channel and there he talked about the likes of Ireland and the need to give opportunities to smaller countries to play in the longest format.

“Recently Ravi bhai has also said that Test cricket should be made as a format that only 3-4 (sic) countries play. But when 3-4 countries play, it’s time to play teams like Ireland. You can ask me what is the relation between Test cricket and T20 cricket. When you play Test cricket, only then your first-class structure will be better. And only when you have a good first-class structure “People will get more opportunities. And players who do well in first-class cricket tend to adapt their game to T20 cricket. That’s how cricket is shaped.”

“You can see that from the top three strong Test playing nations, you can add that up and make it 4-5 as well. India, England and Australia, these countries have a very strong first-class structure. In fact, Some are suggesting whether India’s first-class structure can be further improved because as we speak, Navdeep Saini and Washington Sundar have done well in county cricket. Similarly, is there a Ranji Trophy for overseas players? There is an opportunity to play? These questions are also being raised.”

Talking further about it, Ashwin said: “How do you strengthen first-class cricket? For that Test cricket has to be relevant in your country. If Test cricket is not relevant, they will not play it with full interest. I’m currently in the West Indies and here we can see that first-class cricket is almost gone. Because there is no basis for first-class cricket. Everything is T20 cricket and leagues, their test cricket has fallen drastically and so are the results of world cricket going down. Since the 2016 T20 World Cup, his cricket has not progressed. So the foundation of first-class cricket is really important.”


Earlier, Shastri had said that 10-12 teams cannot play if one wants Test cricket to be saved.

“If you want to keep Test cricket alive you can’t have 10, 12 teams. Keep the top six, keep the quality of cricket and respect quality over quantity. That’s the only way you can play other cricket. Opens a window to go. Expand teams in T20 or ODI cricket If you want to spread the game, but in Test cricket you have to shrink teams, it doesn’t matter whether England go to West Indies or West Indies Doesn’t come for England,” Shastri said on Sky Sports.

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