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Royal Challengers Bangalore launches ‘Sports for All’ initiative to promote equality of women in sports




Taking forward the visionary ‘Sports for All’ concept, Royal Challengers Bangalore have put inclusivity and diversity at the center of the inaugural Women’s Premier League (WPL). Sport for All – The Women’s Cricket Strategy is a revolutionary model that ensures increased participation of women at all levels of cricket and contributes to equal opportunities for women and development in India. RCB feels that beyond the field, the ‘Sport for All’ philosophy will also create a vibrant work culture and a holistic society.

“Sports for All” is a roadmap based on important pillars to ensure that cricket becomes a household name and the first career choice for young women in India.

Prathamesh Mishra, Chief Commercial Officer, Diageo India and Chairman, RCB said, “Gender inequality is not only a serious ethical and social issue, but also a significant economic challenge. Gender equality and women’s equity can be furthered if So the nation can develop.” Add to economic growth.”

“We are confident that the WPL will not only go a long way in promoting women’s cricket in India but will also mark the journey of equal participation of women in the society at large. With a superstar like Smriti Mandhana leading the team RCB is very proud. Putting together reflects our commitment and desire to promote women’s cricket and the development of opportunities for women in this country. We look forward to embarking on this historic journey, which we firmly believe will enhance the future of women’s sports by encouraging equal opportunities for ,

It was a natural progression for RCB and Diageo as a brand that has embraced diversity and inclusivity as its core values. Diageo has returned all investments in foreign teams as it believes in the India story and wants to be a part of this monumental journey for equal opportunity in sports.

While the “Sports for All” approach is primarily based on the ethos of building icons, giving women more opportunities to compete at the highest level and unearth new talent, thereby inspiring the next generation of women cricketers.

RCB women’s team captain Smriti Mandhana said, “First of all, I must thank the RCB management for giving me the opportunity to be a part of and lead a legacy team like RCB. It is an exciting opportunity as well as challenging. WPL A historic tournament in the history of women’s cricket, and I hope that we all through our performances and presence will inspire many more women to take up the game.”

“It is extremely encouraging for us that a franchise like RCB is committed to this noble cause of equal participation of women and invests a huge amount to build a team and contribute to India’s growth.”

RCB will start their campaign in WPL against Delhi Capitals on Sunday.

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