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Tottenham Hotspur clash with Rennes postponed after Covid outbreak



Tottenham Hotspur announced the postponement of Thursday’s Europa Conference League clash with Rennes following a serious coronavirus outbreak at the Premier League club, but their French opponents questioned the decision. Tottenham boss Antonio Conte revealed on Wednesday that eight of his players and five members of staff had tested positive for COVID-19. It appeared UEFA would insist on moving the Raines match in north London if Tottenham had at least 13 players available, but the rapid spread of the virus forced the plan to change.

A Tottenham statement said: “We can confirm that our UEFA Europa Conference League Group G home match against Stade Renais will be held tomorrow (Thursday 9 December at 8pm UK) following several positive COVID-19 cases at the club. ) Will not done.”

“Additionally … the club has been advised to close the first-team area of ​​its training center for the time being in the interest of the health and safety of players and staff.

“All other areas of the training center are operational.”

The postponement enraged Rennes, with the French side saying they had been told by Tottenham that the game would go ahead before flying to London.

“Tottenham did not want to announce the number of players with COVID when the rules stipulate that a game must be played as long as a team has 13 outfield players and one goalkeeper,” he complained in a statement.

“As the match has not been officially postponed by UEFA, Stade Renais has retained its decision to play.”

It is reported that Tottenham are now considering asking to postpone their Premier League match in Brighton on Sunday.

Following the Brighton game, Tottenham will face Leicester on 16 December and Liverpool on 19 December in top-flight fixtures.

Last season, Tottenham saw matches against Aston Villa and Fulham were postponed due to the outbreak of Covid within the opposition.

‘We’re a little scared’

“I think I don’t have to send a message to anyone because the situation is very clear,” Conte said of his team’s possibility of postponing more games.

Conte admitted that the sudden outbreak had terrified his squad.

“Today it is impossible to talk about football. The previous situation bothered me a lot,” he said.

“The situation is dire. There is a huge infection. At the end of the season, one player (tested) positive, the other staff (member) positive. Tomorrow, who (it will be)?

“Now, of course, we’re a little scared because tomorrow we don’t know what will happen.”

Conte was not able to confirm whether it was the new Omicron variant that caused the outbreak, but learned that he had been vaccinated.

On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a wave of measures aimed at slowing the spread of the Omicron variant.

Asked about the vaccination status of his players, he said, “I think everyone makes (their own) best decisions and it’s a question for the medical department about whether people have been vaccinated or not. No.”

Conte was supposed to be joined by Spurs’ Danish midfielder Pierre-एmile Hjberg at the pre-match press conference, but instead faced the media on his own.

“Every day we’re approached by people who are false negatives and turn positives and then everyone is a little scared, I guess, because we all have family and why do I have to take that risk?” Conte said.

“I think it is not right for everyone because we have family and we have contact with them when we come back home.

UEFA’s postponement on the rescheduling of the game causes headaches.


Rennes have won Group G, while Tottenham are tied with third-placed Vitesse Arnhem.

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