“You Can’t Have 10-12 Teams Playing”: Ravi Shastri’s Radical Suggestion For Tests

“You Can’t Have 10-12 Teams Playing”: Ravi Shastri’s Radical Suggestion For Tests

England’s Test captain Ben Stokes announced his retirement from ODIs earlier this week and since that decision, a debate has raged over the cricket schedule and how players opt for different formats to ease the pressure on their bodies. can choose. Team India’s former head coach Ravi Shastri has now suggested a radical change, saying that only the top six teams get a chance to play Test cricket and the game can be spread to different countries through white-ball cricket. .

“If you want to keep Test cricket alive you can’t have 10, 12 teams. Keep the top six, keep the quality of cricket and respect quality over quantity. That’s the only way you can play other cricket. Opens a window to go. Expand teams in T20 or ODI cricket If you want to spread the game, but in Test cricket you have to shrink teams, it doesn’t matter whether England go to West Indies or West Indies Doesn’t come for England,” Shastri said on Sky Sports on Friday.

“If they’re in the top six, they play and if they’re not in the top six, they don’t play. Whether it’s India, Australia or England, you have to qualify for that top six, if you’re in a Test match. Want to play. If you want to spread the game, do it with white ball, ideally T20 cricket. Bottom line, it’s the football model, you’ll have the World Cup, a bigger one and the rest of the world differently- There will be separate leagues.”

When Shastri was asked the reason for his suggestion, he said: “What is Test cricket? It tests you, you need quality. So if there is no quality then who is going to watch it? You have two or three days.” -day’s games, if you find countries that have never played Test cricket, and you come across conditions favorable to bowlers in, say, England or India, in either turner or seaming conditions, the game is two and a half days ends in.”


“You have taken money from broadcasters for five days, they are going to be sad and fans are going to be sad,” he said.

Announcing his decision to retire from ODIs, Stokes had said that playing all three formats of the game has become untenable for him.

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