IPL 2021 adjourned: unfortunate but “right decision”, says Ness Wadia

Punjab Kings co-owner Ness Wadia said it was unfortunate that the 2021 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) had to be postponed, but he said it was the right decision. IPL 2021 was postponed on Tuesday due to COVID-19 cases between players and support staff. Ness Wadia said it was unfortunate, how the epidemic “got out of hand” in the last few weeks, and that the right call was made to stop the tournament.

Ness Wadia told NDTV, “It is unfortunate that we had to suspend the IPL. I think this is the right decision.”

“I think the decision to start it was also a good decision,” he said.

He said, “It is unfortunate that things have gone out of hand in the last 2-3 weeks. I think we were all very comfortable with the fact that India is doing better and it is unfortunate that it has come to such a vengeance Got back together. “

Wadia said he is not sure about the future of the tournament, which closed after the halfway point in the league stage.

“I’m not sure, it might happen sometime in the future,” he said.

PBKS co-owner said that while talking about people being unfair to the IPL, PBKS co-owner stated that “there is always a negative attitude, or an attitude that we think we might have, Should have been “They would have done better if they were there.” “

“I would just like to state that this IPL was planned two months ago. Careful planning was done. The IPL was held in the UAE last year, and there was not a single case,” he said.

Wadia said, “If this IPL was shut down, and if more than 50% were shut down without hiccups or cases, then people said that it is amazing, India is awesome. It is amazing.”

“There will always be people who say they don’t work. I think it’s good that we demonstrated that India can capture international events of this scale, protect people,” he said. They said.

“There are lessons to be learned about whether there are fewer places, what the difference is in testing. But this has happened with other international tournaments. In Australia, the Australian Open. They had to postpone it, they had to close. By Ness Wadia Said, the city is down. France is the same, the French Open was postponed for a week.

“The world needs to move forward. We are very well aware of the issues of our fellow Indians and global citizens. We know that there is an epidemic and we must be careful and sensible and prudent. All due diligence for this Was done. It is unfortunate that it had to end, but it is the right decision, “he re-emphasized.

When asked about the financial impact decision making on the franchise, Wadia said it was not the right time to think about finances.


He said, “I don’t think it’s time to talk about the financial impact. I think, we just want to make sure everyone is safe.”

“I’m sure there may be, we don’t know. It’s too early,” Ness Wadia said of the possibility of the tournament continuing. “The tournament will continue, it is a matter of time when things will get better. I think humanity needs to be taken care of first and the IPL is in second place,” he said.

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