IPL 2021: Indian Premier League Was “Sleepless Nights” Inside Bio-Secure Bubble, Had to Pull Out to Help Family in Fight Vs COVID-19, Says R Ashwin

Ravichandran Ashwin’s IPL was “sleepless nights” inside the bio-secure bubble when most of his family members were suffering from COVID-19 and said he had to organize the tournament to help those close to him fight the deadly virus. Had to leave midway. Ashwin is now back in another bubble, this time with the Indian team which will embark on a 104-day tour to the UK on June 2. “I couldn’t sleep for about 8-9 days. Since I couldn’t sleep, it was really stressful for me. I was playing matches without sleep. And since I found it really taxing, I had to leave IPL Had to and had to go home midway.

Ashwin said on his YouTube channel, “Actually, when I left at that time, the thought came in my mind whether I would be able to play cricket after that. But still, I did what was required at that time. “

The IPL was eventually suspended after several cases were found in its bio-bubble. Talking about the ongoing 14-day quarantine in Mumbai, Ashwin gave an idea of ​​life in the safe environment of the Indian team.

“It’s really tough, guys. From the outside it might look like we’re staying in a luxurious five-star hotel. But it’s not that easy. As I said earlier, it’s not a 7-day, but a 14-day quarantine is.” The star spinner said.

“So, basically, we came here on the 19th and we are leaving Mumbai for England only on June 2. So, basically, we will end our 14-day quarantine in India. And we have There will be a test once every two days, Ashwin said.

Ashwin also pointed out that a bubble breach does not mean that someone has entered the bubble.

“Many of you may have heard of the term bio-bubble breach. Bio-bubble breach does not mean that someone from outside has entered the bubble. It is a virus and we still do not know whether it is How does one enter?

While most Indian players have got their first jabs, Ashwin has got two jabs from Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin. Ashwin also narrated the experience of reaching the Mumbai bubble from his Chennai residence.

“The way we reached Mumbai, it was a different experience in itself. With each passing day, the struggle is getting worse. Hopefully, you will enjoy as we play. Seven days quarantine, Three tests in seven days and after that, we can practice. It is difficult, but when compared to the condition of the people, it is nothing.”

“From Chennai, we took a charter flight. Before taking the charter, we had to do three (RT-PCR) tests. There were three tests on May 14, 16 and 18 and we (his family) left Chennai on May 19. “

“From Chennai, we next landed in Hyderabad. Fielding coach R Sridhar, Indian women’s captain Mithali Raj and others also joined us. The flight which took off from Chennai at 2 pm landed in Mumbai on May 19 at 6 pm.”

Ashwin also recalled how the weather affected his chartered flight.

“The flight was in the runway for a while and the reason was that due to heavy rain on that particular day, the bus which was supposed to take one of the players got stuck.

“And to arrange for another bus, the driver should have been in a bubble and they should have cleaned the bus as well and since these were the problems too. It took an hour and a half and after that, we were picked up in another bus. . We came here and checked-in at the hotel.”

After seven days of room quarantine, Ashwin has now been allowed to go to the gym.

“So, I’ve had my first gym session on the 25th. They’ve even provided equipment in our rooms. The gymnasium is set up for us. Everyone is allotted different time slots.”

We will play warm-up matches: Ashwin

With the 24-man team leaving for the UK tour, Ashwin said there will be an intra-squad practice game ahead of the June 18-22 World Test Championship final against New Zealand in Southampton.

“The WTC final is played in Southampton. The beauty is that there is a hotel on the ground. The teams will be there. The exact details about the tests are not known, after that we can practice. I think we will play a practice game “

But Ashwin’s biggest concern is that he is spending time in room quarantine as soon as he reaches there.

“So, the biggest difficulty for us during the quarantine is how do we kill time here? If we wake up soon, it will be a really long day for us.

“What shall we do in the room? Try to get up a little late. It’s not easy. I’ve come with my wife and kids. We (me and wife) decided to skip meals because we hardly exhaust our energy Huh.”



“All the players and staff have taken at least one dose of the vaccine. I have taken both the doses of my vaccine. I have taken Covaxin,” Ashwin said.

“I have taken both my doses of vaccine and in fact, I have completed my second dose two days before our game against Sunrisers Hyderabad.”

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