Sania Mirza’s father Imran Mirza is afraid of losing a coaching job for the “new kid on the block”

Sania Mirza’s son Izhan fed him the ball during the practice session.© Instagram

Sania Mirza’s father Imran Mirza posted a video of his grandson, Ijahan, in which he took up coaching duties and handed the balls to his mother during practice. Posting the video, the tennis star’s father joked that he was in “grave danger” of losing his job for this “new kid on the block”. Emraan Mirza captioned the video on Instagram, “This ‘new baby’ can put me in serious danger of losing my coaching job!

Sania was selected for the Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) during the 56th Mission Olympic Cell (MOC) meeting last month.

After a long lay-off of over 52 weeks, Sania returned to the court in January last year and won her first doubles tournament in almost 2 years.

Recently, Sania highlighted her battle with depression and recalled how she used to cry without reason. Sania said she faced mental health issues after retiring from her first round match at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and feared she would never play tennis again.

Sania had said in a YouTube interview for ‘Mind Matters’, “At the age of 34, this is very clear in my mind, but at the age of 20 there were many incidents where I honestly felt that I wouldn’t do it Can. ”


“There was an incident when I had to withdraw from my match at the Olympics. It was the 2008 Beijing Olympics and I had a very bad injury to my wrist. I went into depression for 3-4 months after that, I remember crying for no reason.” I would have recovered and then started crying bitterly. I remember that I did not even leave my room to eat food for more than a month. “

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