Virender Sehwag gave Rahul Dravid his best score as MS Dhoni

Virender Sehwag recalled an example when he saw Rahul Dravid getting angry at MS Dhoni.© AFP

Rahul Dravid was not a man whose temperament was temperamental, but once MS Dhoni was at the end of his rage, he recalled Virender Sehwag. The reference was a recent commercial in which the role of an angry Dravid created a storm in the social media world. When Sehwag was asked if Dravid was ever angry, he said that it happened once and that it was directed to none other than MS Dhoni during the one-day match in Pakistan in 2006.

“I have seen Rahul Dravid being angry. MS Dhoni was a freshman when we were in Pakistan, and then MS Dhoni played a shot and was caught on point,” Sehwag refocused on Cricbuzz.

“Dravid was very angry with MS Dhoni. ‘This is the way you play? You should end the game’. I was surrounded by Dravid’s English wrath himself, though I did not understand half of it.”

The rap on the knuckles from the captain had an impact on the young keeper-batsman, who literally lowered his head during the next game.

“When MS batted the next time, I could see that he wasn’t hitting a lot of shots. I went and asked him what was wrong. He said ‘I don’t want to scold Dravid again. Let’s end the game quietly.’ Go more. Back ‘. “

Sehwag also said that it is indeed true that VVS Laxman once revealed on his post retirement media interaction like Dhoni has opposed answering phone calls.


“Once it happened that the BCCI secretary (name not revealed) called MS and he did not pick up the phone. When the secretary next met him, he gave a special call to MS and told him that when it rang Is, you need to take it.

Sehwag said, “Because there would be board meetings (selections) and as a captain he had to attend those calls. Since that time, MS had a call given by the BCCI and I don’t know if it is still there.” No.” Sehwag said, “But yes, he has a personal number.”

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