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Top stablecoin Tether leaves riskier assets, boosts its US Treasury holdings

Top stablecoin Tether boosts US Treasury holdings Tether, the world’s largest stablecoin, said it has increased its holdings of US government debt while cutting exposure to riskier assets, giving the token a first look at its reserves since the crypto sector’s recent selloff. Shaking. Stablecoins, a variety of cryptocurrencies designed to maintain stable value, are […]

Bitcoin Drops in $29,000 Zone While Ether, Altcoins Fall Again on More Risk Aversion

Despite unfavorable macroeconomic conditions and declining investor interest in riskier assets, bitcoin has managed to consolidate around the $30,000 mark (about Rs 23.5 lakh) over the past few weeks. However, the price of the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has now fallen below the psychologically important $30,000 (about Rs 23.5 lakh) mark across global exchanges, […]

BTC, ETH suffer minor losses, most cryptocurrencies struggling to recover from recent drop

Recent days have been particularly difficult for the crypto sector, as most cryptocurrencies have lost steam following the collapse of Terra. According to Indian exchange CoinSwitch Kuber, bitcoin opened with a drop of 1.21 percent on Wednesday, May 18. The trading value of BTC in India is currently close to $31,359 (approximately Rs 24 lakh). […]

Bitcoin, Ether see red again as market pressure worries investors

The largest cryptocurrency by market cap and other major cryptos were again in the red on Monday, a day after bitcoin’s one-week loss – although not by much, again reflecting movement in global stock markets. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization continues to hover around the psychologically important $30,000 (approximately Rs 23.5 lakh) mark on […]

Bitcoin moves bullish market with double-digit gains for Ether and most altcoins

The value of bitcoin briefly fell below the $27,000 (roughly Rs.21 lakh) mark on Thursday, the cryptocurrency’s lowest price since 2020, having been quite a positive day for the broader crypto market. Despite the Terra Luna accident. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is currently hovering around the $30,400 (approximately Rs 23.5 lakh) mark on […]

Bitcoin, Most Cryptocurrencies Open With Losses as US Mulls Raises Higher Rates

Reds dominated the crypto price charts on May 6, 2022, as most cryptocurrencies opened with minor, but notable losses. Bitcoin stepped up on Friday with a massive drop of 6.67%. According to Indian exchange Coinswitch Kuber, BTC is currently trading at $38,630 (approximately Rs.29 lakh). The oldest cryptocurrency saw even bigger losses on international exchanges. […]

Bitcoin, Ether Post Big Gains After US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Goes Easy on Crypto

The broader crypto market got a major boost early Thursday after the US Federal Reserve announced a 0.50 percent increase in the official interest rate and the start of cutting its holdings of US Treasuries next month. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell was not as brash as investors feared, which boosted investor confidence. In terms of […]