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Bitcoin, Ether Trade Low as Crypto Market Struggles to Recover From Recent Downfall

After the ongoing slow-down economic environment pulled the markets down earlier this week, the cryptocurrency is struggling to move up the price charts. According to Indian exchange Coinswitch Kuber, on Thursday, May 12, BTC price stood at $31,119 (approximately Rs.24 lakh) after a significant loss of 6 percent. The world’s oldest cryptocurrency suffered an even […]

BTC Price Around $38,000 Internationally, Most Cryptocurrencies Step Up May With Gains

The month of April has been full of volatility for the cryptocurrency sector. Stepping into May, most cryptocurrencies showed greens next to their values, indicating profits. On Monday, May 2, bitcoin prices rose 0.87 percent to reach $41,262 (roughly Rs. Profits also touched bitcoin on international exchanges. According to Binance and Coinbase, BTC rose more […]

BTC, ETH Open With New Week Losses, Most Altcoins Cascade Down Crypto Price Ladder

Bitcoin stepped into the late April 2022 phase with minor, but consistent losses. On Monday, April 18, BTC traded at $41,895 (approximately Rs.32 lakh). According to Indian exchange CoinSwitch Kuber, BTC posted a minor loss of 0.53 percent. The ruling coin of the crypto space also witnessed a decline on the international exchanges. For example, […]

Bitcoin, Ether suffer small losses as fears of a recession in the global economy mount

Most cryptocurrencies suffered losses as they entered mid-April. Bitcoin opened with a loss of 0.89 per cent on Monday, April 11, taking its trading price to $44,674 (approximately Rs 34 lakh) according to Indian exchange CoinSwitch Kuber. The first ever cryptocurrency, BTC, also posted losses on international exchanges today. For example, on Binance and CoinMarketCap, […]

Bitcoin, Ether open with profits; Overall crypto price chart shows some disadvantages

The month of April has started on a positive note for crypto investors, with the majority of cryptocurrencies maintaining profits. On Monday, April 4, bitcoin opened with a gain of 0.15%. Its current trading price is $47,543 (approximately Rs 36 lakh) according to Indian exchange Coinswitch Kuber. BTC saw little, almost negligible losses on international […]

Crypto Price Charts Back in Green Zone as Bitcoin, Ether, Majority Altcoin Bag Gains

After days of slow movement, the overall crypto market has finally made a comeback as most cryptocurrencies opened with gains on Thursday, January 13. Bitcoin, the world’s oldest cryptocurrency, is currently trading at $47,025 (approximately Rs 34.7 lakh) with an increase of 1.78. Percentage on Indian exchange Coinswitch Kuber. Even on international exchanges such as […]