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Opera’s Web3-Focused Crypto Browser Now Supports BNB Chain To Enable Asset Trading, DApps

The Opera web browser has added support for the BNB blockchain on its ‘crypto-friendly’ platform. The integration will allow Opera users to buy and sell Binance tokens and store their assets in their built-in crypto wallet. The integration will also open up access to decentralized apps (dApps) such as Pancake Swap, 1Inch, and BySwap. According […]

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Claims He’s More Interested In Web 3 Than Crypto

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently revealed his thoughts on the emerging blockchain industry, expressing that what attracts him most is not cryptocurrencies, but the future of Web3. Schmidt, who has also served as Google’s president, said that “tokennomics” is a notion that drives his interest in Web3. However, he revealed that he has also […]

Opera’s crypto browser plans to add support for Solana, Polygon, Ronin and other blockchain networks

Popular web browser Opera is looking to include support for eight more blockchain networks in its in-browser crypto wallet as part of its continuing Web3 push. Solana, Polygon, StarkX, Ronin, Celo, Nervos DAO, IXO and Bitcoin will join Ether as a cryptocurrency supported by the crypto-focused browser’s built-in wallet, according to Opera. This also means […]