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Adobe updates Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Fresco with new tools for better editing



Adobe announced that Photoshop and Illustrator are getting greater interoperability and tons of new features to enhance your creativity. It announced updates to Photoshop and Illustrator at its Max 2021 virtual conference on Tuesday. Along with Photoshop and Illustrator, Adobe updated Fresco with a Motion feature. Lightroom has also added premium preset packs, while After Effects has added features including multi-frame rendering and speculative previews. Photoshop Express is also getting many features including Makeup Toolkit. There are also updates to the Content Authenticity Initiative — the program that Adobe announced two years ago to help combat visual misinformation and protect content creators’ digital rights.

photoshop update

Adobe has improved Photoshop on the desktop with an updated object selection tool that lets you select an object by simply hovering over the image. There’s also a new Mask All Objects option in Layer Settings that lets you create masks for all objects found within your layer with a single click. Additionally, Photoshop includes new neural filters that use the company’s Sensei AI machine learning to provide an enhanced photo editing experience. These new filters are currently available in beta stage, though the company has promised to improve them over time based on user feedback.

One of the most interesting beta neural filters is Landscape Mixer which helps users create new scenes by mixing two landscape images. There is also a color shifting filter that transfers the color from the reference image to the original image to provide a distinctive touch and feel. For realistic composites based on machine learning inputs, there is a harmonization filter. It adjusts the color and brightness to create new results.

Adobe has also introduced some new public filter releases including Depth Blur, SuperZoom, Style Transfer, and Colorize. The gradients on Photoshop have also been improved with three different mode types, namely Classic, Perceptual and Linear.

Photoshop has also added support for Apple’s Pro Display XDR to provide full, high dynamic range with greater richness. MacBook Pro (2021) models are likely to get better photo editing through the update as they come with Pro Display XDR.

New MacBook models and other Apple devices based on the company’s M1 chips have also improved as export Functionality on latest Photoshop version. It’s faster than ever and built on top of a new set of export APIs to provide better color profile handling and side-by-side comparison between export settings.

Adobe has also announced improved interactivity between Photoshop and Illustrator by allowing you to copy vector shapes such as rectangles, polygons, circles, lines, and compound paths from Illustrator to Photoshop.

“We also have support for compound paths, shapes using Pathfinder and clipping masks. Additionally, groups and layers are written in Photoshop as closely as possible to Illustrator,” the company said in a blog post.

Photoshop also received improved language support for type layers, with integrated typographical support for scripts and languages ​​around the world, including Arabic, Hebrew, Indic script, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

In addition to changes aimed at desktop users, Photoshop for iPad has been updated with support for Camera Raw files. Users can now import and adjust their raw photos on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro models (ProRAW) or directly from their digital cameras to the iPad. In addition, Photoshop for iPad lets you convert existing layers into Smart Objects so that your transformations and filters don’t change and become destructive on a layer-by-layer basis.

Photoshop for iPad adds support for Camera Raw files
photo credit: adobe

iPad users additionally get the Dodge and Burn tools to adjust the range for shadows, midtones, brush roundness, and angle on the pixels of your image. You can also use the new tools on curves adjustment layers and on black/white layers with blend mode.

Separately, Photoshop has now reached the web so that users can access its important editing tools on a web browser. Users can also receive comments from their team on the edits they are working on through the new web offering.

illustrator update

Along with Photoshop, Adobe announced an upcoming update to Illustrator. These include overhauled 3D effects that are available for access through an update panel. There is also a Substance 3D Asset homepage for finding and downloading the most relevant 3D illustrations and design materials for your work.

The updated Illustrator includes a font auto-activation that is designed to activate a missing font available in the library when the document is opened.

Adobe has also updated Illustrator on the iPad with a preview of Vectorize. It helps to convert any image into a vector graphic and is useful if you want to make sketches as part of your work. There are also new brushes to create and develop artistic or calligraphic brush strokes in your pictures.

illustrator brushes adobe illustrator for ipad ipad

Illustrator for iPad gets new brushes
photo credit: adobe

The iPad version of Illustrator also added the Object blur feature for blending one shape into another. You can reshape an object by changing its path and curves, without having to manually manipulate each anchor point.

Adobe has also included rulers and guides, version history, and the option to have linked PSD files from Photoshop or Fresco into one document. The Illustrator update for iPad also includes the ability to cut and paste text or graphics between Photoshop, Fresco, and Adobe Illustrator—as a part of interoperability.

lightroom update

Lightroom has added new premium presets that are available in eight new categories, such as Black and White, Food, Landscape, Urban Architecture, Lifestyle, Retro, Travel II and Cinematic II. These aim to enhance your photos without any extra effort. Presets are available for Lightroom Classic as well as its macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and web counterparts.

Adobe has also introduced a Community Remix feature for macOS and Windows users that allows you to get input from the community on your photos.

adobe lightroom community remix image adobe lightroom

Lightroom has added a feature called Community Remix to get input from other users
photo credit: adobe

The desktop version of Lightroom also includes crop overlay support. In addition, Adobe has introduced Lightroom Academy as a resource for photographers to learn new concepts and improve their skills.

premiere pro update

Premiere Pro has also been updated with a new feature called Simplify Sequence that lets users create a clean copy of their current sequence by removing gaps, unused tracks, user-specified clips or effects. It helps to copy existing projects or share, export or archive old projects. The updated Premiere Pro also includes a new color management for H.264 and HEVC formats including 10-bit and HDR media from modern mirrorless cameras and current iPhone models. There are additions such as color vectorscope and lummetry improvements including curve refinement to provide smoother playback on newer Apple and Windows machines.

Adobe is also bringing its Remix feature that it previously provided in beta to Premiere Pro in Audition. This helps rearrange songs to better align with the video, without having to apply razor cut and crossfade manually. This feature uses Adobe Sensei AI technology to analyze audio patterns and dynamics in songs and use them to generate new mixes with defined durations.

Editors on Premiere Pro can also animate puppets on screen using a new body tracker feature within Character Animator. Additionally, there is Puppet Maker which lets animators create new characters for their moves in the video without having to use Photoshop or Illustrator.

after effects update

Adobe introduced updated After Effects to its Max 2021, which includes features including multi-frame rendering that lets users take advantage of their system to preview and render shots simultaneously. Updated After Effects also includes Speculative Preview to automatically render compositions in the background, Composition Profiler to highlight layers and effects in the design resulting in delayed processing time.

After Effects has also received a reimagined render queue that provides additional information about in-progress renders and sends notification alerts to users when the rendering process is complete.

The company said the beta also has Scene Edit Detection that automatically identifies edits in a rendered clip and places markers at cut points or separates the clip into different layers.

After Effects has also received native support for Apple Silicon in beta to provide better performance on newer Mac computers, including the latest MacBook Pro models.

fresco update

Adobe Fresco has also added a Motion feature so that users can move their pictures on the free app. It lets you apply a timeline to individual layers and add frames of motion to each layer to move objects. There are also three new vector brushes with the ‘jitter’ effect that creates unique edges to add extra texture and personality to your strokes.

For faster coloring, Fresco has also added reference layers where you’ll find the colors and effects you should apply to your drawings.

photoshop express update

At this year’s Max, Adobe is updating Photoshop Express with a makeup toolkit that brings lip color options. The existing Smart Cut tool on the updated Photoshop Express also gets the ability to automatically detect the edges of individual objects, to easily select two or more objects and place them in your new image .

Content Authenticity Initiative Update

In addition to new product announcements, Adobe has brought updates to its Max 2021 content authenticity initiative. One of the key additions is the Content Credentials through which the company will source and access digital content sources and attribution. The new feature is coming to beta for millions of Adobe Creative users, the company said.

With Content Credentials, users on Photoshop for Desktop will have to capture edits as an opt-in feature to capture editing and identification information from their working images. Adobe has also created a website through which one can inspect the overview and description of the image and its content credentials.

Adobe Stock assets are also available with their content credentials when downloaded. When users are viewing that image on Behance, they will also be able to see the content credentials available with an image.

Additionally, Adobe has partnered with non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces KnownOrigin, OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare to display content credentials and allow collectors to view the original creators of listed assets.


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