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Apart from wayfinding, Google Maps also offers these other features, get to know here




Nowadays, Google Maps has become a necessity to find our way. Google Maps provides the best and most reliable navigation experience for both Android and iOS users. But do you know about its other features? Google Maps is not only used to show the way, but it can be used for other functions in other ways. Today we will introduce you to these unknown methods of Google Maps that you can use with a small change in Google Maps settings.

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Delete your location history from Google Maps

Google Maps is an application of Google itself, and Google collects a lot of our information through this application. If you are not satisfied with this special feature, you can keep your privacy. You can do this by deleting your location history from Google Maps. Here are the steps:

  • Assuming you’re signed in to Google Maps,
  • Now tap on the profile icon,
  • Go to your data in Maps.
  • Then go to Location History option,
  • The Location History option will take you to the activity controls for your Google Account.
  • Find the Location History toggle and turn it off from there.

Well, you can do the same with the main Google account.

Using incognito mode on Google Maps to avoid ads

Some of the data Google collects about you is used by the company to target ads. After Location History, you can now store some of your data separately from your account. tell us how

Google Maps introduced incognito mode a few years ago. By using this, you will be able to prevent other information of yours from reaching Google and you will be able to solve the problem related to advertising.

  • To do this, first tap on the profile icon.
  • There you will get the option to turn on incognito mode. Now turn on incognito mode.
  • An alternative way to use the app more privately is to sign out of your account. But the downside is that you will lose personal navigation data.

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Download maps for offline use

Besides privacy, another thing to note about Google Maps is connectivity. You need an active internet connection for directions and navigation. Even if you’re exploring a tourist destination on foot with Google Maps, you’ll need 4G/5G connectivity.

If data is an issue, especially when roaming. In such a situation, you can also download your location via Google Map before departure.

  • Go to your profile icon.
  • There you will find the Offline Maps option, click on it.
  • Then set the map location and select the region you want to download for offline viewing before tapping the Download button.

Now you can easily access the location using Google Map even without internet.

Share your location on Google Maps

When you want to stop sharing your location history with Google on your Google Maps, sharing your real-time location with friends and family can be helpful.

Like most features, this one is also linked to your profile.

  • Tap your profile icon.
  • You will find location sharing option in your profile, go to it.
  • You will see your current location on the map along with this you will get the option to share your current location in which you will get the option to share your location for one hour or until you turn off sharing your location. This way you will be able to set the time to your location.
  • Then select the people you want to share your current location with and click the share button.

Google Maps is an easy way to share your location with friends and family in real time.

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Set a reminder on Google Map

Google Map gives accurate directions keeping in mind the traffic. But you still need to leave on time to make sure you reach your location on time, in which case Google Maps comes to the rescue.

Google Map has a reminder feature. Let us know how to use it:-

  • Set up your Google Maps navigation.
  • Then tap on the three dots icon that you will see on the right side in Google Maps.
  • After clicking on the three dots, you will see a menu that will give you the option to set the reminder.
  • Tap it and then enter the time you want to reach your location.
  • Google Maps will send a notification when it’s time to go.

Save money and fuel with Google Maps

Google Maps has added a new feature that will help you save money and fuel while driving.

  • Set up your Google Maps navigation.
  • After setting your navigation details, go to the three dots icon.
  • Now tap on the options menu and
  • Prefer economy routes.
  • You also need to enter which engine is in your car.

You can also enable this feature by going to your Google Maps profile icon, selecting Settings, then Navigation.

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