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Astronauts aboard the ISS use bungee cords to avoid flying off the treadmill: View



The European Space Agency (ESA), an intergovernmental organization of 22 member states, shared a short video clip of an astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) running on a treadmill on Instagram. Yes, you read that right. You might be wondering how an astronaut remained stable in microgravity. Well, there’s always a way.

In the clip, the astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, had bungee cords attached to him and made sure he didn’t fly off the treadmill. It is also noteworthy that the astronaut appears to be running upside down. However, since Thomas is in space, it doesn’t matter, because gravity is not.

“By changing the number of clips they can set how much force they have to push down,” ESA said in the caption.

While many were excited about the sheer effort on the part of the astronauts to put it all together, many others left emoticons in the comments section to express what they felt.

Instagram user “blockbyblock50” said that in microgravity, astronauts had to be “creative.”

Another user, “almazomaroff”, simply wrote: “Space Odyssey 2021.”

“Why would he be running backwards?” Thought “Traversimington”. Responding to this question, user “kacaaa_j_” said: “@trevorsimington there is no such thing as a bottom or top in space man”.

Speaking about the experience, Pesquet said that since the tension was taken by the harness, it was really like running with a backpack of its own weight. “You feel it on the hips and shoulders! That’s why we usually run at a fraction of our earthly weight,” Thomas was quoted as saying by ESA in the video’s caption. “But our coaches know how to keep us honest: They speed up our protocol by 30 percent… However, I am missing a natural environment to run.”

ESA continues to share breathtaking views of cities and water bodies from above, in addition to, of course, the all-important exploration of space. There are also occasions when these space agencies share the experiences of their astronauts in space at their stations.


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